Silhouette pictures of your pup are unique because they capture the essence of your furry friend with simplicity and elegance, emphasizing their distinct shape and personality in a timeless manner. When displayed as wall art, these images become deeply meaningful, serving as a daily reminder of the bond and companionship shared with your beloved pet, adding both aesthetic appeal and emotional value to your living space.

'How does it work?'

Get ready for a tail-wagging adventure with our 20-minute silhouette sessions!
We will meet at Eastney Beach on Saturday the 8th of June.
Your pup can stay on the lead while we work our magic, crafting unique and playful silhouettes.
Expect 5-8 portraits capturing their best angles and quirks.
The best part? Your £50 session fee transforms into a £100 product credit at the ordering appointment, ensuring you can turn these unforgettable moments into cherished art for your home.


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'But my dog isn't trained' - I hear you say. The good news is, they don't have to be. Most of my sessions take place on the lead, so there is no pressure on the furry models.



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