As a member myself, I'm super excited to bring you this exclusive opportunity! I teamed up with The Pump House to celebrate all the furry members - and your pooch is invited!

What is it about?

We are creating artwork to decorate The Pump House - and what could be a better subject for that than the pooches of the members? Our plan is to showcase these adorable doggos and share their stories to make the place even cosier and more welcoming.

That's why we are offering you a complimentary Dog Portrait Experience for all the pooches in your household, whether they visit TPH regularly or not.

Additionally, as a token of appreciation, I'm giving you a £150 voucher should you choose to acquire any artwork for yourself afterwards. Of course, there's absolutely no obligation – your participation in the project is what truly matters.

Registration is open until the end of February, so apply now!

'How does it work?'

Simply click on the button below to register.
I'll reach out to you within a couple of days, and we can chat about all the exciting details, such as location and your pup's needs.
Our session will be held near Winchester during March and April. I'll need a few weeks to edit your images. Then, we'll meet at TPH for an Image Reveal session.
During this special meeting, you'll have the opportunity to choose your favourite portraits and explore various artwork options together.
Cannot wait to hearing from you

Register Now

'But my dog isn't trained' - I hear you say. The good news is, they don't have to be. Most of my sessions take place on the lead, so there is no pressure on the furry models.



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