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Wall Art Collections

Showcasing the stunning silhouettes of your best friend! Our exclusive wall art collections capture the unique and timeless bond you share with your pet. With several different types of wall art to choose from, including framed artwork, and metal prints, each collection is designed to elevate any living space and celebrate the joy and companionship your pooch brings to your life.

Wall Art Collection with 5 Framed Prints or Metal Prints

1x 36"x24"

4x 14"x11"


Wall Art Collection with 4 Framed Prints or Metal Prints

1x 40"x30"

3x 12"x8"


Wall Art Collection with 3 Framed Prints or Metal Prints - Large

1x 24"x36"

2x 16"24"


Wall Art Collection with 3 Framed Prints or Metal Prints - Small

1x 20"x30"

2x 16"x20"


Wall Art

Transform your space with a captivating statement piece wall art, showcasing a stunning silhouette of your beloved pup. We will design a custom artwork that perfectly captures your pet's unique personality and the special bond you share. Choose from several different wall art options to create a personalized masterpiece that will serve as a striking focal point in your home, celebrating the joy and companionship your dog brings into your life.

40"x30" £1450

24"x36" £1250

20"x30" £950

16"x20" £550

12"x16" £350

Glacier Block

The Glacier Block is an impressive, bright desk display. The image is photographically printed with a stunning Gloss finish and is mounted with a 30mm acrylic facemount, creating a bright, high definition piece of decor.

12"×10" £445

10"×8" £395

8"×6" £345

7"×5" £295

5"×5" £249

Folio Box with Luxury Mounted Prints

The Folio Box is a personalised presentation box for 8"x10" Luxury Mounted Prints. Choose the interior and exterior material to add a personal touch to it.

10x Luxury Mounted Prints £645

5x Luxury Mounted Prints £595

High Resolution Digital Images

All wall art purchases include the corresponding high resolution digital image(s).

Get all (5-8) high resolution digital portraits for £390, or add them to your product purchase and save £100!

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