Hi there, Diane here. I'm an award-winning natural light dog photographer covering Hampshire, Sussex, and Surrey. And I'd like nothing more than to get to know you and your beloved pup(s) and capture beautiful memories of you having fun together

What I do...

I'm on a mission to create beautiful artwork of happy pooches that their pet parents will treasure forever.

My speciality is beautiful, custom-made wall art, but I offer beautiful Folio Boxes and personalised Luxury Albums as well.

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'If you're looking for a top quality keepsake of your dog (or dogs) which not only looks beautiful, captures their personality, and will look more like a piece of art than a photo Dogs in Focus Photography is who you need. Not only is Diane a fantastically skilled and accomplished photographer, she has a wonderful understanding of dog body language and uses this to get the best out of the dogs she's capturing without compromising their welfare. She gets to know her canine clients before the shoot to ensure she has a plan that will work and make the dog (and human!) as comfortable as possible. During our session, there was absolutely no pressure, no rush and no judgement if my dogs were a bit tired or overwhelmed or needed a break, or if they simply didn't want to pose! I would trust Diane to photograph all of my dogs as she listened to what I had to say about their likes and dislikes and their level of training, plus she had some wonderful 'tricks' up her sleeve to capture some amazing photos. So if you've been put off booking a professional shoot in the past because you've been worried how your dog would cope because they're too shy/bouncy/aggressive/anxious/reactive/hyperactive, please be assured that Diane will create a relaxed, professional and fun environment so that she can capture some magical memories for you to keep forever.'

Natalie Light

Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourist

ABTC registered Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Animal Training Instructor 

Director of PACT (Professional Association of Canine Trainers)



Erika, Archie's mum (2019)

My biggest concern was whether Diane would be able to capture my vizsla who is always on the move. It didn't happen, she was able to make beautiful photos.
I loved the location, the colors that matched with my dog. I don't know to the day how she managed to capture one special moment when my dog and I look into each other's eyes with the purest love possible.
Use Diane if you want the most dedicated person if it comes to dogs on this Earth

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