Hi, I'm Diane

Simply put — I love dogs

I'm a certified dog trainer, dog first aider, and professional photographer. I live in West Sussex with my partner and our two dogs, Dougal and Deedee.
I'm on a mission to create beautiful artwork of happy dogs that you will treasure forever. I believe that each dog is different and needs a unique approach. That's why my sessions do not have a time limit.
Thanks to my knowledge of dogs I'm confident that we can create stunning images of your dog, no matter how excited, anxious, or goofy they are.

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'My Dog Cannot Be Photographed'

Do you think that your dog is too hard to photograph because they can't be off the lead, are fearful, don't have basic training, etc.? 

Do not worry! As a dog photographer, I'm used to editing out leashes, managing the environment, and setting up the session, so your dog is happy and cooperative. 

See this picture of this 5-months old Elkhound puppy? Her recall is a work in progress, hence she needed to stay on the lead but that isn't visible in the final image.

She was also very focused on her mum, and I only had a split second to get her attention with my noisemakers.

So if you have any concerns as to why your dog cannot be photographed, please send me a message, I'd love to help.

Elkhound puppy photographed with lead near Guilford


Elkhound puppy photographed near Guilford with the lead edited out