Just because your dog is not a social butterfly, it doesn't mean you can't have beautiful artwork of them

Nervous/reactive dog owners often think that their dog cannot be photographed. However, as a reactive dog owner myself, I can assure you this is not the case. My mission is to create stunning artwork of all dogs, as they are all special and loved by their pet parents. You and your dog deserve to have these beautiful images, as your bond is unique. 

Why you? 

Because I know dog behaviour and have experience with nervous/reactive dogs. My sessions are highly personalised so that I can cater to your and your dog's every need. 

Being a natural light photographer also means that you don't have to come to a studio with strange smells and equipment, you don't have to wait for your turn amongst other clients, and I can give your dog the space they need. 

How will you ensure that my dog looks relaxed and happy in the pictures?

The most important thing in the case of nervous/reactive dogs is keeping them under treshold and setting them up for success. 

If your dog is nervous or reactive, I will suggest meeting at a secure field (the costs are included in the session fee). I will let them get to know me and the location on their own terms, and they won't be forced into any situation where they might feel uncomfortable. I can stick to my long lens for the entire session if they need space, and I can use my voice to get their attention instead of my noise makers. 

Can you create pretty pictures at a secure field?  

The best way to answer this question is to show you some examples. All of the images below were taken at secure fields.

Black and white Border Collie at a Paw Paddock
White Border Collie Cross at a Paw Paddock
Red and White Irish Setter at a secure field in Sussex
Terrier at Calvin's field sitting on a bench



Megan, Moomin's mum (2022)

Diane was absolutely fabulous with Moomin (who can have rather strong negative feelings about people she doesn’t know REALLY well) 🙈
Her crazy face has been perfectly captured - without her looking terrified - thanks to Diane being so lovely & calm whilst allowing Moo the space she needed to feel comfortable 🥰
If you’re looking for photos capturing your dog's personality, but are worried about your dog being sensitive or reactive (or even if they’re perfectly fine!), I’d highly recommend booking a session

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