Before our session...

...I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire so I get to know you and your dog better and find out what kind of images would best suit your home.
We can choose the location based on these factors - I'm happy to photograph confident, well-trained dogs in an urban environment and nervous dogs in a private paddock. Whatever your dog's temperament, rest assured we will find the place where their true personality will shine through, and you'll have beautiful artwork of them to treasure forever.

I believe that each dog is different and needs a unique approach

That's why my sessions do not have a time limit. I can capture plenty of beautiful images in an hour most of the time

However, if your dog is a bit timid, I'm more than happy to hang around longer and act as a treat dispenser until they are relaxed enough to pose for some pictures. I can always use a long lens, so I don't need to be very close.

I'm very passionate about positive training (I was a training assistant at Sussex County Dog Training); hence the dog's comfort always comes first for me. 

My session fee is £95 no matter how long it takes me to get a minimum of 35 beautiful images

If your dog needs to stay on the lead, we can also discuss the possibility of a split session - a portrait session on the lead and hiring an enclosed field for action shots.

Nervous collie cross photographed on lead near Guilford


Nervous dog photographed on lead near Guilford


A little known secret is that most dog portraits are taken with the dogs on the lead

Thanks to my editing skills, I can make the dogs look as if they were performing an obedience level stay.

I also have some tricks to get my furry clients' attention - if only for a split second while I press the shutter. 

All in all, I'm confident that we can create stunning artwork of your dog, no matter how excited, anxious, or goofy they are.

Elkhound puppy looking at her owner near Petersfield

This Elkhound was very young, so she had to stay on the lead. Who could tell? ;)

Worried that your dogs won't sit together?

Watch this!

During our session...

...I will take hundreds of images to ensure that I capture a nice variety of pictures, from stunning classic portraits to silly action shots. I cull and edit the best images for you to see at the Ordering Appointment. Your only task is to relax and follow my instructions - the calmer you are, the more natural your dog is going to behave, and that's what we want

At the Ordering Appointment...'ll get to see the images we created (minimum 35) so you can decide which of my packages or product(s) suits you best. We'll select the best picture(s) for your wall, the one that will make you smile every day.
There will be product samples to look at to make sure you'll love the final artwork.
I only use leading-edge professional printing partners, where colour calibration is done at least twice a day on equipment designed to reproduce images to the highest standards.

That's why I'm confident to offer you a Double Guarantee: 

  1. if you don't like your images, the session fee will be refunded, no questions asked
  2. if the products do not meet your expectations, they will be exchanged for free or refunded 



Jonathan, Isla's dad (2023)

Diane was so good with our dog at the session and made her so comfortable. The photos were fantastic, it was hard to decide which to choose! I would highly recommend Dogs In Focus to anyone wanting quality photos of their dog

01 / 03

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