I just realised that I moved to Winchester more than three months ago...

It doesn't sound like a lot, but I already feel at home here. 

I loved Midhurst and the South Downs, and I didn't even realise how much I had missed the city vibe. 

Winchester is not only a beautiful historic city, but also dog-friendly. Most cafes and pubs welcome dogs inside and outside, and you can take your best friend to a lot of shops, too. 

Are you ready to discover this lovely city? If so, you can read about my 5 favourite dog-friendly places in this blog post.

Please share your experience if you visit them, I'd love to hear what you think.

(Pictures taken from the businesses' websites except for the cover image and the very last image.)

1. The Handlebar Cafe

Situated by St Catherine's Hill, this cafe has a great view. Delicious coffee and cooked breakfast available as well as doggy ice cream - perfect after the 1.5 miles walk around the hill

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2. The South Downs Socials

2. The South Downs Socials

This cycling-themed cafe prides itself on great coffee (sourced from Winchester Cafe Roaster) and excellent cooked breakfast. It is in the city centre and is open every day of the week, so make sure to visit.
Big thumbs up to the waitress who asked if Dee was allowed a treat instead of just feeding her. (As she's allergic to chicken, I have to pay attention to what she's given.)

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3. The Queen Inn

My new local pub is also a microbrewery. It is very dog friendly and even has some beach huts in the garden where you can hide if you want to keep a bit of distance from the other guests.

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4. The William Walker

As a former Fuller's employee, I'm biassed towards their pubs. Although this pub is right next to the cathedral, it has a lovely local pub atmosphere with great drink & food choices characteristic of Fullers

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5. The Pump House

This awesome coworking space is right next to the river. There are lovely walks around, and the garden is open daily for non-members. You can sometimes find the Sun of a Bun food track or the OM Burger in the garden on weekday evenings. 

On weekends, The Pump House is open for non-members so you can enjoy their delicious food and homemade cakes too.

This is my new 'office', where I meet dog parents for their ordering appointments and from where they can collect their products.

Deedee in The Pump House

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations - please let me know if you tried any of them.

I'm sure that as I'm discovering Winchester, I will have other places on my favourite list as well.

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