Do you love cars as well as dogs? If yes, I'm looking for you!

I started the Dogs in Cars Project to capture the two most important things in your life together: your dog(s) and your car(s).

This is a fun project, without any pressure: you can be in the pictures, but you don't have to, your dog does not have to be in the car and definitely does not have to be trained or even well-behaved. I will tailor the session to you.

As a thank you, you'll get a social media-size digital image of your choice. You'll also have the opportunity to purchase more images and products; however, that is not necessary at all.

The pictures taken within this project might be shared publicly (in an exhibition or a book). If you do not want that, please send me a message and book a normal session. I would be more than happy to create beautiful images for you.

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