Wall Art Types

Framed Prints

The Framed Prints I offer are professionally printed, mounted and handcrafted by an award winning photo lab.

Thanks to the frame, colour, and mount options, they can be customised to suit your home.

The covering element is acrylic rather than glass which means that it is sturdier and UV filtering.

Choose from the classic Heritage, the unique Coastal, or the modern Attic Frame with or without a mount depending on the style of your home.

Dark Chocolate Heritage Frame with Antique White Mount

Whitewash Coastal Frame with Off White Mount

Black and Silver Attic Frame with Off White Mount

Pebbles Coastal Frame with Antique White Mount

Box Frame

For a modern take on the classic framed print, take a look at the Box Frame. The frame adds depth and draws eyes to the image, making it a great wall product.

Aluminium Print

Your image directly printed onto a thin aluminium panel. One of the most modern ways to display images, especially suitable for vibrant colours.

Canvas tray Frame

This framed wall product combines the fun and popular canvas style with the elegance and tradition of a framed print. It creates a unique display that you can adapt to reflect your own tastes so the Canvas Tray Frame suits whatever room you wish to display it in.

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