🐾 Exclusive Offer Alert! 📸 Capture precious moments with your furry friend like never before!

Dear Pet Lover,

As a special thank you for attending my recent workshop, "How to Take Better Pictures of Your Dog with Your Camera Phone," I'm excited to extend an offer just for you!

Introducing the Signature Pet Photography Experience by Dogs in Focus Photography, curated especially for you at an incredible price of only £50 (originally £95)! This bespoke session is designed to immortalize the bond between you and your beloved pup in stunning photographs.

Here's what's included in this amazing offer:

1. Signature Pet Photography Experience:

  • A pre-session consultation to discuss your preferences, ideas, and any special considerations, ensuring a tailored experience just for you and your pet.
  • Enjoy a personalized portrait session with your furry companion, expertly captured by our Diane.
  • Relish the opportunity to create timeless memories with your loyal friend.
  • A personal image reveal session where you'll get to view and select your favourite portraits.

2. Choice of Deluxe Keepsake:

  • Select either an exquisite 8x10" Luxury Mounted Print showcasing your favourite image from the session, perfect for displaying in your home and cherishing for years to come.
  • Or, receive a generous £150 Product Credit towards our range of premium pet photography products, allowing you to customize your keepsakes to suit your preferences.

This offer is valid for booking your photography session anytime throughout the year 2024.

Don't miss out on the chance to create everlasting memories with your cherished companion. Book your Signature Pet Photography Experience today!



Megan, Moomin's mum (2022)

Diane was absolutely fabulous with Moomin (who can have rather strong negative feelings about people she doesn’t know REALLY well) 🙈

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My pup can’t be off-leash? Is that ok?

Yes! Most of the dogs that I photograph remain on lead throughout the entire session for their safety. I can even capture some action shots with a special long line...all while keeping your pup safe and sound! The leash is removed through the magic of Photoshop from the final images.

My pup is super nervous of / reactive towards other dogs, where can we go?

No problem, if you need some privacy for your session, I am more than happy to hire an enclosed field that we will have all to ourselves. As an owner of a sensitive, sometimes reactive dog, and a former Training Assistant at Sussex County Dog Training, I am sure I can make your pup feel at ease.

What if my dog doesn’t sit?

It’s ok! I can guarantee you that I have worked with dogs that were more challenging than yours! I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to create engaging images no matter what the obedience level of your pup is.

What if I have multiply pups who won't sit together?

Believe it or not, this is not a problem at all. I can take individual images of each pups and merge them together at the editing stage.

Do I have to be in the images too?

You don’t HAVE to be, but I recommend it! There are more ways that you can be in the portraits than just a traditional sitting with your dog and smiling at the camera. We can create images that tell the story of your relationship in a fun and natural way. Remember, you don’t have to purchase any images that you don’t LOVE - so why not give it a try and trust me? You just might be pleasantly surprised!

Can I bring extra dogs or humans to our session?

In order to set your session up for success, please don’t. We want a nice and calm vibe during our session and extra dogs or extra humans can ramp up the energy level making everything too exciting. The only exception is if you have a legitimate pack and you need an extra set of hands to help manage the hounds!

What if it rains? What if I need to reschedule?

We will try our best to hold our session at the agreed upon date and time, however, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans and we will definitely reschedule. If you or our furry model is feeling under the weather, kindly let me know we need to reschedule as soon as you realize.

What about harnesses and gentle leaders, can those be removed?

I cannot guarantee that I will be able to remove harnesses or gentle leaders from your final image. If your pup usually walks in a harness or a gentle leader, I recommend using those to walk them to the session and in between shooting locations, but if there is any way to have them in a regular flat collar that is ideal. If you have a sighthound or other breed that can easily slip out of a flat collar, martingale collars are ok and preferred over harnesses.

Where should we have our session?

We will discuss session locations during our planning consultation. Don’t worry! I have a LOT of location options and I can help you determine the perfect one for the look that you are wanting to create and where your pup will be the most comfortable.

How much will I spend?

A normal session fee is £95, which includes travelling within Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex, field hire (if needed), photographing your pup(s), and editing your images for you to choose your favourites for your wall or your album.

As this is a highly customised experience, clients spend only what they are comfortable spending. Most clients spend between £600 and £1500 on their products.